Revamping a broken watch

This was a quick weekend project I did over my college “reading week”. Yeah no I have no idea what I “read” during that week 😂
So I had this broken, quite sad watch that I absolutely loved like three four years ago.
I got my self to disassemble the watch first.


So I started with painting the base..I didn’t take off the hands since it’s pretty pointless.



As always I gave it a very steampunk touch. Dug out all my charms and found out pretty suitable ones for the watch.


So I finished it off with few findings and added a brand new belt around 😌 I’m so pleased with the end result.



Hope you all have your self a Fantastic week ahead..😘

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DIY Steampunk mask

I have lately been so obsessed over Colin Morgan’s cheek bones all I watched was Merlin from sunrise to sunset.

bd8bea8c2deecd7858391654fee1485d isn’t he gorgeous? sad they can’t come back with a new season :/

Anyways back to the real reason why I’m writing this post. I think this tutorial has been sitting on the corner of my computer forever waiting to be published.

Last year Halloween I was a Steampunk Mechanic,

10704081_742632192458004_7547724904354669728_nrather an awkward picture of me smiling with my teeth out next to this cute Pikachu.

All the materials I used for this mask was either laying around my craft bins or got from the dollar store.

1.First I found an empty mask for the references and to be the model. I drew the shape of the mask I wanted and wrapped it with Saran wrap so I could reuse the mask for other projects in the future

Photo 2014-10-26 ප.ව. 11.52.31

2. Mix 1 part School glue (white glue/craft glue/elmer’s) 2 part water and made a mixture for the paper mache process. I cut my self several news paper pages to little squares, you don’t have to be very fancy you can just tear some paper

Photo 2014-10-26 ප.ව. 11.42.07

3. Then I mixed the paper and the glue solution together. I added the desired amount of layers of paper to the shape and let it dry over night.

Photo 2014-10-23 පෙ.ව. 1.02.25

4. When the mask is fully dried I took it off and applied black paint inside and out. I used Acrylic paint. To get the metallic effect I rubbed some gold metallic paint over the black.

Photo 2014-10-26 ප.ව. 11.46.52Photo 2014-10-26 ප.ව. 11.45.44

I really love the patch work effect the square papers give.

5. I gathered some trims and steampunk looking findings to add to my mask

Photo 2014-10-26 ප.ව. 11.48.39 really the decorations depends on the way you want it to be 🙂

Photo 2014-10-26 ප.ව. 11.29.26 and that marks the end of this tutorial, Hope you enjoyed it. :3 hopefully I will post more often!


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DIY Tinted glasses

Well hello, :3

This is my first ever post on WordPress. YAY hooray. Let’s hope I actually do keep posting once a week at least. I mean I am going to, planing to, hopefully,…


Anyways, I found this neat trick to colour glass using Mod Podge over at through Pinterest.

It’s sucha cool Idea. I love old glasses and oddly shaped ones so much.

Figured I would try this out on the most common jars I have (if it goes wrong I wouldn’t have to cry haha)

IMG_1961 This mug, Starbucks bottle and the Jam jar!

so I tried to clean them and dried.

mixed Mod Podge with food colouring to make a paste. Over at the Fancy That blog they add water to it. But I figured if you add water there are streaks that drips.

IMG_1965I put the mixture inside the jar and cover the surface, turned it upside down so the excess mixture will drip down. Tried to save the excess and mixed more in to so I can use it on another jar.

IMG_1966 left them to drip out about an hour or so.

pre heated oven to 225 F and let them sit there for about 45 mins.

IMG_1983 and tada! I never really thought it would work.. but such magic much wow.

I love the two little bottles I did the best. Planning! PLANNING to do few more with dark colours. 🙂